Rick and Michele H., Lynchburg

“We couldn’t have asked for a better experience than we had working with R.M. Gantt Construction. The quality of their work and their attention to detail was beyond what we expected. What other builders consider to be an upgrade is the usgbc for R.M. Gantt. It was truly a pleasure every step of the way. The communication level that the Gantts and their employees had with us was a key to our enjoyable experience. We will always recommend R.M. Gantt Construction. Thank you to the R.M. Gantt team for making our dream home a reality.”

Ruth P, Wintergreen VA

“For me, Randy and Rosie Gantt are the dream team of home building. From the very first phone conversation and subsequent meeting, I not only knew that I was in the hands of consummate professionals, but that I had met some lifelong friends. During the building process, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to visit the building site every single weekend. I always saw significant progress as the Gantts’ crews came in, did their work with the highest quality and care, and then left in time for the next group to come in. The building site was always clean and accessible, and the crew members were friendly and willing to discuss their work. Randy and Rosie were always open to discussion as the building progressed. Modifications to the original plans were always a team decision. Their commitment to personal attention is unparalleled. I cannot say enough about the timeliness with which they delivered my home, and the superb quality of materials and workmanship throughout the house. During the final walkthrough, it was Rosie who noticed small details that I would never have picked up on, and who insisted that everything be finished off perfectly. . . as it was.

When friends share their house building stories with me, and the words “ordeal” and “nightmare” keep coming up in the conversation, I can only thank my lucky stars that I found RM Gantt Construction. They will forever have my ringing endorsement and gratitude.”

Scott P, Wintergreen, VA

“RM Gantt built my house in 2004, and I can honestly say they built me the perfect home. I would even say it felt like they were building the home for myself. I live outside Richmond, and building a home in Wintergreen might have been very stressful due to the distance. I was nervous at first because I couldn’t be at the site as often and I would have liked. But Randy and Rosie and their team handled everything great, they put my nerves at ease. Everything they did was top shelf. I have even referred others to RM Gantt Construction, and will continue too. I even tell my friends that my house should be on HGTV. If I ever built another house in Wintergreen, I wouldn’t get bids from anyone else, I would just call RM Gantt Construction.”