How Long Does the Process Take from Start to Finish?
This all depends on the plans selected and site evaluation. We will give an estimate of time frame when everything is selected.
How Much Does a Home Cost Per Square Foot?
The better question to ask is “what will it cost to build this house?” We build custom homes to your specification. To get an accurate price in place we will go over plans, do a site evaluation and choose interior and exterior finishes. Once this is all complete we will be able to price what it will cost to build your custom home.
Do You Have References That You Can Provide?
We do and we would be happy to get them to you. Feel free to check out the Testimonials as well.
How Long have You Been In Business?
We have been General Contractors since 1992.
When Can You Start Building My House?
That all depends on the site evaluation. If we work with you from the very beginning of choosing property than the start date can be a lot sooner.
Are You Hiring?
We are always looking for experienced or willing to learn employees. We do have mandatory drug screening in place.
Where do you build?
We build in the Lynchburg, Wintergreen, and Smith Mountain Lake areas. See the map below for exact areas.